Herz – 022 & Hotch Potch 0,5L

Alc: 4.8%

    • IBU: 13
    • EBC: 7
    • Recommended with: pizza, burger, grilled meat, spicy food

    Macedonian cardiologist, by mother Šibenik, prof.dr. Saško Jovev, led a team of doctors who on 23.05.2020. successfully performed the first heart transplant in Macedonia.

    Light top-fermenting beer with two types of malt, one type of hops and a chamomile flower. Unpasteurized, unfiltered with precipitate in a bottle. Fermented in a bottle.
  • After meeting two Macedonians at the Croatian Homebrew Championship 2018, they quickly started their own homebrew together, and founded the gipsy craft pub Hotch Potch. After winning the awards, they decided it was time to introduce a wider audience to Hotch Potch, which embodies the notion of a magic potion meaning a confusing mix of different things, like something a wizard would do. It’s confusing only seemingly, because we do our magic with great care and a desire to bring people some amazing beers.

Category: Beer