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Alc: 5.3%

  • •Style: American Pale Ale
    •IBU: 33
    •Tastes: citrus - mango and orange
    • Recommended with: pizza, burger, grilled meat, spicy food

    Citrus and mango dominate the nose and complement each other well with a little lactose and sweetness on the palate. Some oats were also added for a fuller taste, and the bitterness on the finish gives just the thing to make you want more...
  • After meeting two Macedonians at the Croatian Homebrew Championship 2018, they very quickly started their own homebrew together, and founded the gypsy craft brewery Hotch Potch. After winning awards, they decided it was time to introduce Hotch Potch to a wider audience, which embodies the notion of a magical potion meaning a confusing mixture of different things, like something a wizard would do. It's confusing only on the face of it, because we work our magic with great care and desire to bring people some amazing beers.

The sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited.