Organski Džem Marelica Greenfood 260g

Neto mass: 260g

Ingredients: 95% Marelica, 5% Agava syrup

*From organic farming

  • The greenfood organic jam of apricose is made from the most quality apricot in organic vintage. By using traditional methods of preparation, carefully defended fruits are prepared at low temperatures and cooking slowly by keeping rich aromas and natural colour. Our organic jam of forest fruit is sweeten the organic certified agave without added sugar, and it does not contain jam, preservationers, artificial colors and flavors of flavour.
  • Energy 165kCal/690KJ
    0.1g protein
    Carbohydrates 35.5g
    of that sugar 34.2g
    Fats 0.1g
    of that saturated acid 0g
    Salt 0g

Category: Jams