Organski Umak od Rajčice Pikant Greenfood 260g

Net mass: 270g
Ingredients: Tomato*, Chilli Paprika*, Stevia*, Salt, Vinegar*, Cold pressed sunflower oil*, Citric acid*

*Organic farming

  • Greenfood organic tomato sauce spicy, produced from 100% fresh vegetables while retaining all nutrients and fiber. Fresh organic ingredients combined with a homemade recipe express the fresh aroma of tomatoes and the richness of taste. The organic sauce is made entirely from natural organic ingredients and contains no fructose corn syrup and artificial flavor enhancers. With the high quality of tomato pieces, without preservatives and artificial colors Greenfood organic sauce is a healthier and uniquely tasty choice that rivals the industrial sauces of tomatoes.
    The consistency of Greenfood organic sauce is ideal for all preparations as a basis for tomato sauce, pizza or pasta sauce, sautéed meat sauce, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs or an addition to your favorite fish recipes.
  • Energy value 89kCal/375KJ
    Protein 8g
    Carbohydrates 5.5g
    of which sugars 0g
    Fat 7.5g
    of which saturated acid 1g
    Salt 1g

Category: Ajvari & Meze