Pečena paprika Somborka Gurmano 480g

Neto mass: 480g
Ingredients: 60% Pechen paprika Somborka, 37% Ocat, Water and Limunic acid, 3% Perchine and garlic

  • The whole, baked paprika of Somborka, the sweet-angry taste that lasts, with the smell of baked peppers on the original Macedonian recipes. Ideal for salads or as an adverb to red meat and sausages.
  • Energy 35Kcal/145KJ
    Proteins' 1.40g
    Carbohydrate 6.40g
    of that sugar 1,02g
    Fats 0.23g
    of that saturated acid 0.03g
    Salt 1.46g

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