A'gupka 0,75L - Bovin

0.75 l
Variety: 100% Vranec
Year: 2012

  • Red dry wine
    Wine with a geographical indication
    Region: Tikves; Location: single-vineyard Dissan (312-400m above sea level)
    Alcohol: 15.5%
    Harvesting method: Manual, 70% dehydrated grapes
    Maturation 20 months in new barrels of Macedonian oak 225L
  • A'gupka is an irresistible wine of the Vranec variety, from the late selective harvest of dried grapes on a vine from Bovinovo vinograd with a special position. The wine is intensely ruby-garnet in color, and conquers with its sumptuous and rich aromas of ripe fruit and dark chocolate. It is full-bodied, complex and impressive in taste that completely conquers the palate with a long-lasting aftertaste and lasting pleasure. It goes well with a wide range of dishes made from more mature cheeses, dark grilled meat, and especially with venison dishes.
  • Bovin A’gupka 2012 - GOLD - MUNDUS vini 2019
    Bovin A’gupka 2012 - GRAND GOLD - MUNDUS wines 2018
    Bovin A’gupka 2012 - 3rd place - 19th Slovenian Wine Fair - 2016

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Ah, are you, my sibyl, my prophet?
One of those wines I don’t know what to think of. That's why I imagine a gypsy woman dancing a waltz. Why not. Jeđupka is opulence and strength. Jeđupka is the concentration of the sun enclosed in a bottle. But after the initial attack, a new balance is established. Now even more honey and "sweeter", and without visible warmth, with some herbal surprise… the raw power stops and the wine opens. Powerfully ripe fruit, but fortunately not "fatty". Well-formed tannins, with space for time to further form them. "A'gupka" is a demonstration of what Vranac can achieve from the best positions, where he is left despised by dehydrating on the vine and remaining completely healthy. Brown stalk. Abundance, but maturity of tannins with the ability of the variety to preserve freshness, achieving a structure of record levels of extractivity and alcoholism for dry wines. Impressive body, with one finesse that ERA and yet sweet My Way, do not show…
Diary of Vinopija - https://vinopija.com/
Željko Suhodolnik
WINE is potent, very warm, likable and at the same time complex, yet to be, the impression was on tasting, to come. Lively and with a very pronounced fruitiness (cherry, dark berries), rich in the mouth, it looks thick and rounded, with a lot of meat, with soft tannins, it provides a lot of sweetness which is very well matched by acidity. Long ending. ■ ⇗ • large glass (Bordeaux) • 18 ° C
Dry in a glass - https://suhiucasi.wordpress.com
Vitomir Andrić
Lively, warm, pronounced fruitiness. Dense and rounded, complex, likable, rich. Soft tannins, plenty of sweetness, fine acids.
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