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0.75 l
Variety: 100% Vranec
Year: 2012

  • Red semi-dry wine
    Wine with designation of geographical origin
    Region: Tikves
    Alcohol: 16%
  • Era is a unique wine from the Vranec variety obtained by late selective harvesting of dehydrated grapes. A wine with an intense ruby color and a strong aroma of forest fruits. A powerful body, complex and impressive, floods the palate with flavors of ripe fruits such as blueberries, blackthorn, plum and aronia and coffee and dark chocolate extending your pleasure with a long finish. It is a particularly good pairing with strong food, roasted pork, game meat, lamb and spicy cheese. Serving temperature of 15 - 17°C.

Zabranjena je prodaja alkohola osobama mlađim od 18 godina.