Organska Vegan Pašteta Mediteran Greenfood 145g

Net mass: 95g

Ingredients: Beans*, Chickpeas*, Garlic*, Tomato*, Whole sesame seeds*, Olives*, Oregano*, Basil*, Citric acid, Cold pressed sunflower oil*, Salt

*Organic farming

  • As a healthier alternative to today's pastas, Greenfood organic pasta prepared from vegetables and Mediterranean spices. It is excellent both as an appetizer and as a vegetable spread, it can be prepared with a variety of pies, bruscates, fresh vegetables, tortilla chips or crackers. It can be served in salads, sandwiches and is a very tasty and healthy substitute for cream, mayonnaise, cheese spread or butter. It can also be served as a sauce with grilled meat or as an addition to pasta, chicken, fish or eggplant.
  • Energy 343kCal/82KJ
    Protein 5g
    Carbohydrates 6g
    of which sugars 1g
    Fats 1g
    Salt 1g
    of which saturated acid 0g

Category: Padamage