Organski Malidžano - namaz od Patlidžana Greenfood 260g

Neto mass: 260g
Ingredients: Green paprika *, eggplant *, Chechnjak *, Cold, sureted sunflower oil *, Sol

*From organic farming

  • This natural herbal product is a healthy alternative to mayonnaise or other popular sandwich attachments. EKO-GRUP organically Malijano is vegan, with no gluten-free finger polish. Like the lure of Maldjan with its smooth, creamer texture and note, the smoke is well matched with tostied bread, crispy crackers, or tortiline chips. Malidjano complements baked meats as an adverment and does wonders with pasta dishes.
  • Energy value 346kCal/82KJ/
    Proteins 1g
    Carbohydrates 2.2g
    of that sugar-.6g
    Fats 4g
    of that saturated acid 0g
    Salt 1g

Category: Ajvari & Meze