Pikant crvene Papričice punjene sirom Gurmano 290g

Net mass: 290g
Ingredients: Red pepper, Sunflower oil, Cheese, Salt

  • Red peppers are one of Gurman's fantastic four small peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Taste and texture alternate in a few steps: crispy-sour-creamy-spicy. You can eat these peppers on your own or as a side dish to literally every dish because the richness of taste will complement every menu. You can use them as decoration on a plate because with a small size and colorful color with a combination of red and green pepper gives an artistic whiff to each table.
  • Energy 190kCal/796KJ
    Protein 2.62g
    Carbohydrates 17.20g
    of which sugars 2.88g
    Fat 11.73g
    of which saturated acid 5.06g
    Salt 2.86g

Category: Cherry peppers