Ljute žute Papričice punjene sirom Gurmano 290g

Neto mass: 290g
Ingredients: Yellow peppers, Sunflower oil, Cheese, Sol

  • The yellow peppers are one of the Gurman's fantastic four little peppers stuffed with cremaic cheese. The taste and texture are exchanged in several steps: crunchy-sourced-cremasto-spicy. You can eat these peppers on your own, or as an attachment to literally every meal, because the wealth of flavors will complete every single one of me. You can use them as decoration on a plate because with a small size and a color, with a combination of green and red peppers, it gives an artistic whiff to every table.
  • Energy 190kCal/796KJ
    Proteins 2,62g
    Carbohydrate 17.20g
    of that sugar 2.88g
    Fat 11.73g
    of that saturated acid 5.06g
    Sol 2.86g