Stobi - Aminta

0.75 l
Variety: Vranec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: 2015

  • Red dry wine
    Wine of controlled origin
    Region: Tikves
    Alcohol: 14%
  • Top quality dry red wine of controlled origin. Synergy created by a strong and rustic Vranac and elegantly tamed and soft Merlot and complemented by delicate Cabernet Sauvignon, each of which has matured separately in oak barrels. This wine reflects the temperament and sensuality of ancient winemakers. With an intensely dark ruby ​​color and the aroma of small red berries, soft and concentrated, enhanced with spicy notes, this wine contains "Bordeaux" elegance, complemented by the warmth of the taste of the southern regions. Best served at 15-17 ° C.


Wine drinking
Aminta is incomparably more complex, deeper, with more ripe fruit and spice, but less penetrating scent, concentrated and dense with some unexpected aromatic sensations such as paprika, mint, herbalism and the like. Dry, astringent tannins and ideally malic acid, freshness and strength. Truly, a blend of rusticity and sophistication.
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