Zapečeni grah Mama's 600g

Net mass: 600g
Ingredients: Beans 63%, Red onions, Sunflower oil, Wheat flour, Ground cayenne pepper, Salt, Black pepper, Water

  • Tavče gravče is the most famous traditional Macedonian classic. Beans have a special meaning in our tradition. It can be consumed on different occasions and combinations.
    This dish complements MAMA'S Macedonian cuisine, which we are proud to present around the world. The mysticity and uniqueness of this product lies in its preparation.
  • Energy value 137kCal/576KJ/
    Protein 6.8g
    Carbohydrates 19.3g
    of which sugar 2,9g
    Fat 3.6g
    of which saturated acid 0.4g
    Salt 1.4g

Category: Ajvari & Meze